Trolley Fare – Mosaic Sculpture

Fulton Heights was established in 1902 and put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. Some of the ads promoting its development read, “A place for Pleasure and Comfort”. The mosaic “coin” was sculpted by artist Jeanette Brossart from Greensboro and represents some of the neighborhood’s history.

Notice the trolley, the tracks, and the 5¢ token needed for a ride. The mirror stripes on the edge of the coin reflect our history. Look for the original plat map of the neighborhood and the Ferris wheel from the original amusement park. The roses depict the commercial rose houses on Elm Street. The custom stand has an abstract trolley architecture.

Our welcoming Mosaic sculpture was funded by neighborhood residents along with a grant from the Rowan Arts Council and assistance from city staff. It was installed in August 2016 in the 100 block of the Mitchell Avenue median.