Planning Board meeting

The Salisbury Planning meeting will be Tuesday, August 27 beginning at 4 PM at the City Council Chambers. The RoMed group will present their proposal for the third phase of their complex. You may have seen the signs announcing this hearing. The RoMed group is concerned about the impact on our neighborhood and wants to keep us informed. We have a group of four neighbors who have been meeting with them and looking at the plans. This is the brief report from August 2 meeting:
The committee (Andrew Pitner, Tim Truemper, Warren Brewton and Tommy Thomas) met with Rob Watts at Romed last week to review the attached plans. They intend to take these plans to the planning board, potentially as soon as the Tuesday 8/27 meeting. Rob Watts represents the property owners group and they are pushing these plans to get a rezoning determination. The doctor’s group that wants to expand doesn’t have a specific timetable for building/construction, so it’s not clear when or if the project will be actually built. Per Rob, the determination from planning board will ‘lock in’ the site plan. There aren’t architectural details for the building, but it would be expected to be comparable to the other buildings on site (2 story, brick). The separation from the neighborhood consists of a 6′ stockade fence, evergreen plantings and some deciduous trees.

The public is invited to the Planning Board meeting, so feel welcome if you wish to attend.