Fulton Heights Families – The Newmans

Judy and Hank Newman at 604 Maupin have a long history of family here in Fulton Heights. Judy’s grandparents, Sam and Bessie Carter, lived first in the Rusher house in an two-story brick apartment house that the Rushers maintained across the street from the gray house at 516 Mitchell ). Judy’s uncle, Sam Carter, was born there. Then the family moved into the house at 516 Mitchell and their 3 other children were born: Judy’s mother, Julia in 1920; uncle John in 1921 (they were 17 months apart); and uncle Paul in 1924. (Incidentally, Kelly and Sandy Alexander lived at 516 Mitchell as well before they bought their current home on Mitchell!)

Sam Carter was a partner in Carter and Trotter Drug Store, which was located where OK Wig is on “The Square.” Grand- mother Carter started and operated Salisbury Business School at 516 Mitchell (the school and those 2 adults and 4 children were in that tiny house!). Salisbury Business School became Salisbury Business College and operated until sometime in the 1980s.

In 1927, Sam, Bessie and their 3 children moved from 516 Mitchell and purchased the Dutch Colonial at 629 Wiley, current home of Steve and Cindy Martin.

Judy was born in 1947 and they lived with her grandparents at 629 Wiley from before she was born until 1951 when she, her mother, father and sister moved to High Point. Grandfather Carter lived in the house on Wiley until his death in 1959 (Grandmother Carter died in 1945, two years before Judy was born). Hank and Judy married in 1983 and moved to 604 Maupin in 1984.

Thank you, Judy, for the great story and fun pictures! Do YOU have a story about your family and Fulton Heights?