Back to “The Neighborhood”

Submitted by Starr Shive:
In 1973, my husband, Vic and I bought our first house on Mitchell Avenue.  After a lot of work on the house, we had two wonderful sons and enjoyed spending 10 great years in “The Neighborhood”. Lots of friends, sidewalks for strolling, and Eaman Park Pool.  
Vic’s job gave us an opportunity to move to Louisiana.  We had 10 years there and enjoyed a lot of new experiences.  Thankfully, we returned to Salisbury “our real hometown” ,and bought a house in another neighborhood.  
Long story short, our boys grew up, went to college, and got married and had 2 children each.  Sadly, my husband passed away and I stayed in the house for about 3 more years until I decided to scale down.  Lucky for me I found a fixer upper on Wiley Avenue.  After 2 years of tender loving care and much deliberation I bought the house and was back in “The Neighborhood”……where I belong!  
No regrets!  Again I have these wonderful sidewalks, friendly neighbors, and Eaman Park Pool is still there!!