About Fulton Heights

The Fulton Heights Neighborhood Historic District in Salisbury, North Carolina is an intact representation of a middle and upper-middle class residential neighborhood that developed in the early twentieth century. It is among several suburbs of North Carolina towns that emerged as an outgrowth of the City Beautiful Movement. You can read more about the history of Fulton Heights or read why streetcar suburbs worked so well. The neighborhood is laid out in grid patterned streets along which houses rendered in nationally-popular styles were regularly spaced within well-landscaped yards Fulton Heights is among several neighborhoods of the period in North Carolina that boasted amenities such as a streetcar system and large park area within its boundaries. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.

Source: National Register nomination form, 1998.

The purpose of the Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association is to organize the residents into a viable, constructive organization to:

  • Encourage community spirit and cooperation among neighbors;
  • Preserve the appearance of the neighborhood and promote beautification of the area;
  • Preserve the existing single family houses in the area;
  • Protect the residential character of the neighborhood;
  • Maintain the unique historical character of the neighborhood;
  • Work with organizations where joint action for the good of the neighborhood is appropriate.